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Hammer & Stain Chambersburg

08/07/24 NEW- Resin Wildflower Acacia Trays Workshop 6pm

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Join us at Hammer & Stain Chambersburg ( 31 S Main St Chambersburg) Wednesday August 7th at 6:00pm to create our BRAND NEW Resin project we launching - Resin Boards with pressed flowers! 

DEADLINE to register is August 1st!

You'll get to choose your pressed flowers from the assortment we have on hand at the workshop (or you could bring your own - but they must be PRESSED and flat).  We finish off the project by pouring food & water proof clear resin on top to seal the flowers & the board.  Your project will have to stay at the studio for the resin to completely harden & dry and will be available to pick up after 24 hours (or we can ship to you for a small fee). 

 **Please note pictures. are just examples - you'll be able to create your own look & style for your board!