Meet us!

Kyla Symonds Co- Owner 


'I am a mom of two beautiful babies who inspire me. I have been married to the love of my life for 2 years. In my free time I enjoy exploring new places, being the loudest mom on the bleachers at my sons' sporting events and cuddling on the couch. A hidden talent of mine is that I am really good at organizing!

Hammer & Stain has allowed me to do something I love with people that I love. Being creative and connecting with the community brings me so much joy!’


Ashley Peters Co- Owner 

'I am a busy mom of 4 boys and a house full of fur babies. I've been married for 8 years to my high school sweetheart. I enjoy spending time with my loved ones, binge watching my favorite Netflix shows, planting flowers and decorating my home. I can't function without a cup of coffee & my laptop!

When Kyla & I purchased Hammer & Stain I had no idea the impact that would have on my life. I've met so many wonderful people and truly LOVE what I do!


Keityn Zullinger- Studio Manager

'I am a busy student studying business in college. I recently became full-time at Hammer & Stain and it was a breath of fresh air to be able to combine my strong work ethic with my passion of helping people express their creativity! I love working at Hammer & Stain because it's an opportunity to engage with the community in an uplifting environment as we watch ideas come to life!

When I am not studying or working, you can find me hanging out with 1 of my 3 younger brothers, baking (I love replicating my grandmother's cookie recipe!), organizing (I am a planner fanatic!!), traveling to the beach, or hanging out at home with my boyfriend and our two kitties.

I hope to see you at Hammer & Stain soon!

Amanda Rosenberry- Class Instructor 

'Photography is my passion and I am the main photographer for Rosenberry Media. I do all 'in-house' photography and love capturing the stuff! I love being around people, sharing laughs ad spending time with my dogs!

I am so thankful that Hammer & Stain allows me to be so creative and have so much fun while I work! It is a true bright spot in my life! 

McClain Gamble- Class Instructor

‘Hi there! Hammer & Stain is currently my third job, but it doesn’t feel too much like work for me. I went to college for photography and have always loved anything that allows me to express my artistic side.
If I’m not working, you can find me traveling to the nearest city to check out their bar/restaurant scene or at home recreating a recipe while listening to a new playlist on Spotify.’