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Hammer & Stain Chambersburg

Collection Hammered Hat Bar

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Hammered Hat Bar! Pick your Hat & deck it out!

Brim Hats $65
Ponytail Ball Caps $35

 Ball caps, Brim Hats & Straw hats. Varying sizes and colors available. 

Hat embellishments will be done on a point system. Included with the price of your hat you get 25 points to spend on embellishments. 

Embellishments include:
Feathers 8pts
Pompass 8pts
Burning/Branding 10 pts
Ribbon 8pts
Patches 5pts
Chain 8pts
Charms & Beads 2 pts
Leather hat bands 10 pts

How to register:

1. Select a Brim Hat or Ponytail Ball Cap

2. Select your color of hat from the drop down menu.

3. Select the event you are attending & if you'd like to sit with anyone.

4. Add to cart & checkout!